Mr A Riggs

I recently sold my car using the 'We Sell Your Car' scheme and I cannot recommend this service highly enough. I had been offered an insultingly low amount as part-exchange at a big car dealership and knew my car was worth much more. Being a cautious type, however, I was not comfortable selling it privately myself. Looking for alternative options, and after a few internet searches trying to work out the real-world value of my car online, I came across Ashtead Motor Trading, who had recently sold a similar car to mine. I called the number on the site and spoke to Jason, asking if he was interested. He said he was and I arranged to bring the car in. I was a little nervous at first as it seemed a little too good to be true (his offer price was so much more than the dealership had offered me), but after speaking to Jason more and giving it some consideration it started to make real sense. It's a rare situation in which both sides win: I made far more than the part-ex price, and AMT made their profit over and above the fixed price they offered me. They have the resources and expertise to sell the car quickly, and when it was done, they just put the cash in my bank account. If you have a car in good condition, and want to get a lot more than you would with a main-dealer part-exchange, and aren't happy with selling it yourself, then this is the scheme for you. Thanks again.

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